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With so many talented sculptors about I got the itch to try my hand at clay sculpting.

What I am looking for is types of clay, tools and a fairly easy and yet cool reference piece to sculpt. I've read several tuts on the subject and have the basic grasp I just need to dive in and get my feet wet so to speak, I know this is not an easy medium to do I just want to see how useless I can be at it. LOL

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Re: Sculpting adventure

I'd start with something fairly simple. My first was the Fallout ghoul on here using sculpty. I now have 20 lbs of oil clay. You can get sets of clay tools dirt cheap at most craft stores (amazon is cheap too if not for the shipping). I got my clay off ebay and it takes a bit of getting used to after sculpty but with practice you'll get the hang of it. Until you get the hang of things it wouldn't hurt to get an armature to sculpt over such as a premade bust form. I used a cheap Halloween skull for mine so you could some something fairly simple like the red skull or a zombie.
I use Chavant clay, it comes in different strengths and solidities, and blends very well with a little orange oil cleaner(like Goof Off or Goo Gone). The tough part is some kind of headform to sculpt on, but getting a cast of your head and shoulders is the best thing to have so that you can make sculpts that fit you. I'm in B.C., if you need help.
I just started sculpting too, check out my 1/3 alien head thread. Im using super sculpy over a wire and alluminium foil and it really holds some awesome details. Like wes said the tools are really cheap, i bought all of my tools at a craft store and was surprised that a set of 15 double sided mental and wood tools were only about $20. For some other tools you can even use items around the house, tooth picks, q tips, etc. Its a nice hobby to jump right into because you dont need to buy any expensive power tools.

Also, a lazy suzan makes working on the clay so much easier and you dont have to handle the piece directly and smudge the details. I picked up mine from the cake section at Michaels for $10.

Good luck!
Thanks for all info guys/gals. Looch can you tell me where you bought your chavant from? I've been looking in Ottawa for a supplier but can't for the life of me.

Wallacks, Michaels ..... so far continues.

Still in need of some ideas of a subject sculpt. Any pros out there have any ideas that would give me a good learning experience but at same time not too diffiicult to turn me off from it?

Just remember that if you plan on molding your piece with a silicone rubber, than you need to make sure your clay is sulfur-free.

Sulphur prevents the silicone rubber from curing properly. Chavant NSP is good (Non Sulphurated Plasteline)
Yes I am still searching for NSP clay, hopefully I can find some tonight. What is best formness for making a bust? soft or med? Can't wait to get started, I have a subject in mind but not sure how it will turn out. It's in the same line as SGB newest sculpts.

wish me luck

I'll have to check that out thanks the meantime I was itching to start something so i went out to my local art supply store and grabbed some of this kind. Not sure if it's any good but the rest was all air dry.

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Thanks much Johnny ! I'd like to think I'm off to a good start but that up for debate. I've run out of clay so tomorrow brings another trip to the store. I'll post a few tomorrow....
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