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I don't know if this is the correct place to show off some of my creations but here goes!

I am BIG into pro wrestling and championship belts! Basically the belts are the "props" of the wrestling field and are some of the most beautiful things ever done.

Real belts like I do are identical to the exact same materials used on TV! They start with a sheet of .153" thick zinc and transfer the design onto it by a UV light transfer process.

From there once the design transferred onto the plate they place it into a chemical acid etching machine that sprays an acid that is eating away at the zinc until the final design is "cut" into the zinc near a .080" depth and thus a plate is born!

From that point the plates are cut out with a CNC machine then sharp edges are removed with a belt sander. Once that is done they then get curved to better fit the waist and then studs get added to the back of them so they can be attached to leather. Once all that is done they get polished and sent out for 24kt gold plating.

Now after all of that is done a leather craftsman will paint the appropriate areas that need be with a gloss enamel model paint such as Testors model paint and begin the leathering process by tooling and attaching the plates to leather. Once ready the leather is dyed to the correct colors, plates attached, and then the backing is glued on and trimmed.

Viola! A belt is born!

There is a lot that goes into a belt. My end is the artistic side of meticulous recreating the actual design that will make it accurate to what was used on TV many years ago.. Without accuracy then there would be no reason to even try to make it.. Right?

Anyway, below is more pics of some of the belts I have done as well as a few pics of the art files that make belts.

IMG_0426.JPG 10819125_10202164886961936_844681751_n.jpg IMG_0595.JPG IMG_0591.JPG 10833833_10202164890562026_1176511215_n.jpg DSC01329.jpg IMG_0556.JPG 10836488_10202164889802007_2029629530_n.jpg be new.png oval ic.png

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These are real nice and well done.
My first leather project was for an award belt at my job(the VF BAD@$$ Belt). The recipient was a 70 year old woman who could put you down with "the glare"(think Granny from Hoodwinked).
I took one of the old Jakks Pacific toy Heavyweight title belts, cut off the plastic plates, made a three piece leather strap, added a fake snake skin lining, and snaps. Presented it to her at the christmas party. Nobody could believe it. When I left she gave it back to me.
The stitching alone took me over 20hrs all hand stitch through 8/9 oz leather.

My question(s) are: have you ever done the "Smokin' Skull" belt, and you wouldn't happen to sell just the plates. Been wanting to do another belt, just full size this time.

Again good work and thanks for the explanation on the process.


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That particular one no. But I have many others. Plates using my high accurate art of this quality usually go for around 220 and 2500 or a complete belt.


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Why Thank ya everyone!

I got a couple NWA files. I think I got a version of the NWA tag teams and U.S belt.

Here is a shot of the art for it

. nwaus.png


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Only just found this thread. Those replica belts are amazing. I would absolutely love to give a belt build a go, especially the Lucha Underground Championship belt. Has anyone else on here ever done a belt build?
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