Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 --- How is it??


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Ok, guys and gals. Stop playing the game for a few minutes and tell us how it is! :lol

I really want this title but I have Batman Arkham City, GOW 3, and Skyrim is already reserved for me. I put COD on my Christmas list but I am curious how everyone here is enjoying it

Anyone else pick this game up? I got it about 3 hours ago and think I've played it enough to get a sense of it.

Granted, I've only played multi-player, but I'm sure some of you are looking for some info on this game.

So far, I like it. Like any game of this sort, it takes a long time to get to know the maps, but I've played them all and I can't find one I don't like. They range from small to quite large and seem to be well balanced in how they were constructed.

There are some new games thrown in with all the old ones we know and there are of course new weapons and perks as well.

I have noticed that the overall tempo of the games seems to be much faster than the other COD games. Maybe it's just me, but you always seem to be in or very close to the action when you spawn. I don't can't tell if I like that or not, but it is what it is. If anything, this fact might not bode well for those who like to be a sniper, but since I run and gun it's worked out well so far.

Also, the graphics are what I'd call pretty good. Not stunning, just good.

Overall, I think most will enjoy this new chapter of COD just as much, if not more than the others, if you're into online gaming. Hopefully, someone else will chime in about the quality of the campaign.
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Re: MW3

Picking it up in two hours.

Does it have Spec Ops like MW2?

My wish list for MW2 would be able to turn off the music (during Spec Ops, which is where I goof off), and I wish I could hand select any weapon/sight combo at any time.

Don't suppose I'll get my wishes...?
Re: MW3

Yep, there is spec ops in this game. I saw two modes of play. One where you try to survive as many rounds as possible against waves of enemies and the other is mission based.
Re: MW3

One game of multiplayer in, and yeah, I will agree that it seems much faster paced. The muzzle flash of the gun also seems a lot more brighter and disorienting as well.
Re: MW3

Just played through a few matches online. It's gonna take some getting used to since I stopped playing black ops a couple months back and really got into battlefield.

I like how your name tag thinger shows your rank from previous call of duty games.
Re: MW3

This game so far sucks. Try forming a party with more than one other person. You can't. They set the default to private and didn't make a way to switch it. Spawn points still suck. They won't let you have a private group chat so you have to mute every other idiot in the lobby one by one. I've played every COD religiously but this one might be going back.
Re: MW3

Now it totally locked up my Xbox. Had to press the power button on the console to get it to turn off.
Re: MW3

While I realize not every game, movie, restaurant, etc. is going to please everyone, I'm curious as to what some of you were expecting.

Of course this is "the same crap repackaged", but aren't most franchise games guilty of that?

Personally, I think there are quite a few tweaks to this latest COD release that make it better than any other of the releases. The maps are new and among the best I've seen in any COD game, there are more ways to customize your load out than ever before, and there are new games/weapons/perks.

Granted, the game play is very similar to any other COD game, but that's why most of us buy a new release of another chapter in a game....isn't it? We want new toys to play on new maps, but we want want don't really want drastic changes to the what we know.

I'm not looking to start a conversation comparing franchises against one another. I'm just curious as to what some of you were expecting.
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