Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Ballistic Knife (non-functioning replica)

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Hello everyone,
Not sure if there are many Call of Duty fans on here, but I wanted to share this project with the site. This is the first build post I've done on here, so let me know if I can improve on anything. I've been a huge fan of the COD: Black Ops series and have wanted to make this knife since it premiered in Black Ops 2. I didn't know where to even start back then, but after following on here for awhile and watching some YouTube videos on how to make vector blueprints, I finally got something drawn up and was trying to figure out the layering and the path forward from there. I started with 1/2" sintra in the middle and 1/8" for the outer pieces.
I don't remember the delay with the project, but about a year later the knife was brought into COD:Black Ops 3 and thanks to the amazing Theatre Mode that the game offered, I was able to screenshot some great images that helped me improve on the finer details that I didn't catch before....such as the shape of the holes in the blade and also a better look at how thick I should be making everything. So I drew up another blueprint.
I felt like I needed to start over since the basic shape varied a little bit, so I decided to try and teach myself another skill and I imported my vector drawing into 123D design and started working on a 3d model of the handle. This part was extremely frustrating, but after about 12 hours and 3 versions I finished something I was happy with. Ballistic knife 3d model pic.PNG
It still had a few small defects to it, but it was still something I could work with. So I had it mirrored to give me 2 opposite sides and had it printed out. I ended up using a Dremel to get rid of the trigger and had to carve out a spot to insert a new trigger. I made a new one out of a piece of 1/4" sintra and sanded it to shape, After filling in some areas with Bondo to get rid of a large gap, I clamped the 2 halves together and drilled out the space where the 4 pins are. I decided to use 1/4" acrylic rods instead. I spent a lot of time looking into what I could use for the knurl type pattern in the recessed areas of the handle. I noticed that the handle on my Black and Decker heat gun had a very similar look so I made a small mold of the handle and cast out a small resin block that I shape to the size I needed and repeated the mold/cast step again to get me 2 identical pieces for each side.
IMG_20180626_202428.jpg IMG_20180214_152324.jpg IMG_20180523_195452.jpg
Everything assembled to make sure it felt right....
Last 2 steps before molding it were deciding on the grip and carbon fiber accent for the handle. I decided to go with a textured spray paint applied and then I used a needle file to clean up the groove around the handle. For the carbon fiber accent, I took a chance and applied a piece of vinyl tape to the master and hoped the detail would transfer to the final product. I took one final pic before I added some registration keys to the mold.
IMG_20180523_220533.jpg IMG_20180526_203333.jpg
The first pull had a large air bubble, but the second one turned out great!
I couldn't find the perfect color for this but I found something that I liked and went with it, Volpin Props had rubbed some graphite over this black paintjob for the Militech Crusher he did, and I thought that look would be the closest thing I could get for this ballistic knife. I used black plasti dip on the textured handle to make it more realistic and tried to make the knife look weathered a bit. I also worked on creating a display for it.
IMG_20180607_161606.jpg IMG_20180611_200055.jpg
I put this off longer than I wanted to for a personal project, but I was very satisfied with the end result. If anyone has any advice for me on this build either for improvements or things I could have done better, please let me know. Thanks-


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