Calhoun's Rifle from Wreck-It-Ralph


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So I have a friend that wants to do a Sgt. Calhoun cosplay from Wreck-It-Ralph this fall at our local Comic Con. I get to make the rifle for her, I'm pretty excited because that rifle has been on my "make wish list" since I first saw the movie.

I'm using a blueprint that was put together by NefeniCosplay, making a few tweaks based on what I see in the movie and screen grabs along the way, but overall it's a great BP. My friend will be 5'9" in the boots so I scaled the rifle to 40" based on the images I found online.

Since the rifle is for cosplay I'm trying to keep it as light as possible. Normally my props are pretty hefty and solid MDF, this time around I'll be using much more plastic and foam than normal. The barrel is made from a light frame of MDF and pink insulation foam was used to fill the spaces in the frame so that I could heat form sintra over the outside.
12 LED lights were wired in to the sides of the barrel as well as three in the end of the barrel. More LEDs in the receiver and scope later!
A quick light test for the barrel section before I moved on! There's some textured acrylic and light diffusing material (tissue paper) in the side lights so you can't see in there.
I moved back to the grip section since that needed to be sandwiched in the middle of the receiver. I used a spring to make the trigger movable, doesn't function with anything but at least it moves. The grip being solid MDF should help bring the CG of the prop back so that it isn't too uncomfortable to carry around all day too.
Blocking in the receiver, making everything hollow to cut down on weight.
And then working on the magazine. The magazine is hollow , just a couple rib forms at the top and bottom to give the .030" styrene the shape. I have a 9V battery wired in to a coaxial connector inside the magazine, the magazine plugs into the connector on the receiver and acts as the switch now. Just plug in the magazine and the lights come on, pull the mag and it turns off. With the mag removed you can pull out the battery and replace it when needed!

More to come in the next few weeks!


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Thanks Raiders! I'm really happy with how it turned out and that I don't have to hide a switch somewhere on the body of the prop.

A little update for the recent progress. I finished up the receiver and magazine well and closed up the body. Bondo in the magazine well to round out the corners and make the magazine fit a little more snug.

I added some layers to the side and carved out the circle bit. I also started carving the foam for the stock. This is done with the EPS insulation foam.

Layers of Bondo going down on the stock to give it a nice hard shell.

And glued in place and textured!

More wiring coming up and the scope!


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A few more days of progress for your viewing pleasure! The top of the receiver was and shaped from more MDF.

I took a couple pieces of 1/4" acrylic and covered the back and sides with aluminum tape to keep the light in there. There's 3 LEDs on each side panel that light from the bottom edge.The face of the acrylic was lightly sanded so the light has a nice even glow.

All light up with the wires hanging out the top for the scope. Plus a few Mass Effect pistol kits.

I used a clear plastic globe for the front of what I have dubbed the intake. More EPS foam and Bondo to cover the back side of that and smooth it all out.

I added the scope with some MDF and PVC & ABS pipe. A little sintra plastic for the details.

A few more things to build, the foregrip and the front sight, and then it'll be just fiddlybits!


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This is it! Last update on Calhoun's rifle. I used some 1/4" MDF for the front sight which is sanded and shaped to a fine edge at the top. 1/8" MDF was used to box in the foregrip so it could stay hollow.

Primer went on and dried for several days. We've had a really wet spring here in Utah so it took longer than usual.

After the primer was done I did a coat of silver over the whole thing. Also, did I mention it was raining a lot?

Some of the silver was masked off, spots were covered with masking fluid to simulate paint chips. Other paint chips were created because it's been raining a whole freaking lot and the metallic and satin black paint didn't bond to the silver layer. They all work together pretty well.

The last fiddly bit that I added was a little rubber tube to the foregrip. There's a 1/4" dowel glued into each of surfaces and the tube is pressed on over the dowel and glued in place. Some acrylic paints used for weathering and some silver dry brushing for highlights. I also used the airbrush to add some grime and streaking.

Overall I'm really happy with it, it's hanging on the wall right next to Vera until Salt Lake Comic Con this fall when I'll have my friend toting it around as Sgt. Calhoun!

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