Calculator bubbles - not Exactra - 6 digit American 1776


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The Exactra 19 calculator is a 6 digit calculator with seven bubbles. I'm pretty sure all those 9 bubble strips are for 8 digit calculators, leaving a place for a minus sign. I searched 6 digit calculators wondering if there were any strange or rare calculators we'd missed on an off chance.

I found the "American 1776" calculator, notably six digits. I soon found out, not only is it a crap calculator with no battery compartment, hot glue in the seams and not only does it only have six bubbles (I liked this. A similar size to the exactra strips with one less bubble? Near hit!) but that there wasn't a strip.


I held the two chunks up to a blast tech Vader strip for a size comparison. I'm keeping them, they're cool. But not..not what I expected. FYI!
Thanks - Yea that sovereign is a neat one too. It looks like it has a similar display. They are basically bricks, two blocks that include the lens and the LED in one and are placed right net to each other (At least 1/8" or more thick)
I almost bought one of those 1776's! I found a spec heavy calculator collector's website (nothing for sale dammit!) but he had that 1776 listed and listed as a 6 digit. He had some cutaway images too and I could have sworn that the 6 digit 1776 calculator STILL had 9 bubbles. Now I know for sure!

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The same site said that the Exactra 19 & 20 had European counterparts called the TI-1900 and TI-2000, IIRC.
I have since sold these bubbles. What I failed to show - these bubbles were rectangular "blocks" with leads coming out of the bottom. The acrylic/lens/diode were all one piece, and thick, which was why I could lay them on their side next to my vader saber. So, not really useable with a graflex clamp :lol
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