Calcium Carbide in Canada


I wasn't sure if this was the proper forum to post this inquiry, so if it isn't perhaps someone could correct me. :)

Anyways, recently I received my Rylo crafted, Logan's Run Sandman Flame Gun and I'm just loving it. There are times when I just sit and stare at this wonderful prop for no reason. However, I do not have the calcium carbide to activate it's function and there are restrictions bringing it over the border from the USA due to safety concerns, (so I've been told and read a little about).

So my question would be, do any of our Canadian members know if there is a safe, legal and reliable way to acquire some pellets of it so that I can demonstrate the firing of my prop?

Thank you for taking time to read this! :)
ZZ014. Flame Gun Case.JPGZZ015. Flame Gun.JPGZZ017. Flame Gun.JPG

Thought I'd add a few photos of the day Rylo's Flame Gun he made for me, was delivered to me while sitting in my Office by my wife. Everyone at work had to endure me talking about this prop during it's build, because of my excitement in getting one. The day it arrived, was just so exciting, and everyone was really impressed. Best money I'd ever spent, and it was really a fun and unique experience dealing with Rylo.
Oh Man you have not shot it yet? :eek

Good luck in your search I hope you find some up there, try looking up spelunking suppliers
Thanks for the tips! Now that my wife is satisfied with the level of my chore- doing (lol), I have some time to follow this route! Cheers!
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