Limited Run Calamari Flan Coins


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I modeled this Calamari Flan from the Mandalorian as best as I could with the limited reference we have. The screencaps seemed to match up with the existing Calamari symbol that exists so I went with that.

The prototype is being resin 3D printed and I would cast them in semi transparent resin (or rubber) with some sort of foil or glitter within. I believe that's what I am seeing, flecks of blue or holographic material inside.

Just gauging interest at this point and will post more photos when prototype is made.

Pre-Order link:

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Interested. It also looks that the top “coin” from the screen grab has ridges around the edge.

I think that’s the bottom, and if they were ridges I think you’d see them on the top edge as well but you only see them on the bottom edge. I’m thinking it’s actually just molding flash from that being the open end of the mold but without better shots it’s hard to tell.
Should have a cast example finished by early next week, silicone comes in tomorrow. Going to try a few variations and see what the consensus is.

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