cadues' 2015 Mar-May Sculpture Contest Entry


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Hi, everybody! I am happy to be able to participate in this contest... I didn't finish my last attempt, and dropped out. So I am determined to finish this! :) I guess I am one of those rare people who is naturally gifted, because I can pick up anything and make something awesome with it. The problem with me is execution, because I have difficulty finishing things. I seem to always get bored or discouraged and move on to something else... I have been working on this problem, though, and feel confident I can execute this challenge. I decided to sculpt a Star Wars Character from the expanded universe my wife is planning to create for a character costume for the Rebel Legion. So, I would like to introduce you to Rachi Sitra, a jedi Twi' lek, female:

Becoming_a_Jedi_Knight_TNsR_by_Siswanto.jpg Rachi_Sitra.jpg

1/6 scale wouldn't do her any justice and 1/3 scale may be a little much for me for this contest, so I am settled on 1/4 scale. I will be using a wire armature and aluminum foil for the base structure, and then I have about ten pounds of monster clay laying around I can put to good use on the base and figure. (I don't think I will run out of clay on this) So first and foremost I will spend the next few days designing the base and pose, and then I'll get started on the rough-out, and then the details. I am not sure about her saber, because every reference I find has a different hilt, but I like the one on the left. It seems to fit her personality better. (I would like to know what you think, though, cause I will be sculpting a full-size one latter down the road to cast in aluminum for my wife's costume.) So, there it is! :D I have some other projects I need to work on as well as this, so I can't promise a lot of updates, but I will post as often as I can. Any input you feel like offering will be well received. I am actually going to cast this one and paint it when it's finished, as a gift for my wife...

Thanks for looking!

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I definitely run into being discouraged, bored, even frustrated half way through a sculpt.

One of the most helpful bits of advice to me is this quote by Jordu Schell... Paraphrasing slightly; "You've just got to be patient with yourself and the medium. You will get there. It may not be as quick as you like, but you will get there."

Can't wait to see how it turns out and good luck!!


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Hey everybody! I wanted to post that "fresh out of the starting gate" pic, but I had to use my laptop camera, so BEWARE: CRAPPY PIC ALERT!!!


I know, I know, bad angle bad lighting bad picture bad camera... The next one is better...

WIN_20150313_052256.JPG RachiSitra.jpg
That beautiful Twi'lek next to my ugly mug is Rachi Sitra, in the pose my wife asked me to sculpt her in. And the figure I am holing is the base sculpt pretty much in that pose. I have some tweeking to do, but what you see took me about 30 minutes, so sue me. :) (I just quite smoking last Monday, and it was 1am.)

So, anywho, I know this is a contest and all, but I enjoy input if you have any. I hope to have the base filled in by the end of the day, and I'll set up all my accounts on my new phone so I can swap some better pics... this one is fun, and I love that it's for my wife. (She's my biggest fan, after all!) See ya soon! :D


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Looking good. I know exactly how you feel, my wife is my biggest fan :) I've yet to sculpy her anything specific but I definitely would like to plan something. I look forward to seeing you progress on this


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I actually got to work on her today! (I wasn't expecting that) I love Monster Clay, but it is a pain when you are blocking everything in... heat, sculpt, heat some more, sculpt, heat some mo................ Anyway, here is a messy shot that shows all the good shapes I managed to get into her today. An the true test: she stands on her own! :) it's the little things in life :D
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