C96 Broomhandle Mauser reference and weathering tips


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The always interesting Forgotten Weapons just posted a video about spotting poorly-restored C96 Mausers that people attempt to pass-off as factory original. It's got a lot of close-ups of a good quality Mauser, and he speaks to the proper fit and finish that would come out of the factory. He also shows what natural weathering would look like on an authentic vintage C96.

Pretty useful for anyone modding a Denix for accuracy. Speaking of, I should really get started on my DL-44 (since I've had all the parts sitting here in a box for months).

His channel has good reference for other guns that have been used as props. He doesn't really speak to that angle, but said he does have plans for videos specifically about the guns of Star Wars.

Darth Lars

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I started watching that channel a couple of years ago because of Mauser C96, and stayed because the content is always of really high quality, and sometimes include interesting military history.

He has hinted before that there will be a special about sci-fi guns some time, but not when that will be... We'll see.

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