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    So here I am starting another build. Well, not much of a build since this will be chromed by a professional workshop.

    Got the head from Madrid Boba from C3PO builders, complete with the brass parts and lighting kit. Very well made cast, almost no cleanup needed:


    What was needed to be done was to hollow out the 2 eyes, mouth, top of the head for the piston, and the 2 holes for the ear discs:




    Here are the eyes dry fitted to check fit. Really nice!


    And the piston:


    And that's it for now. I have sent it to the workshop for chrome spraying. It will be done by this company Coverchrome. You can see their work here on a Daft Punk helmet:


    This is a longer video, but it is amazing to watch the process. And WHAT AN AMAZING CHROME!


    So I have dropped the head off at the workshop, and it will be 2 weeks later before I update this post, after I get the chromed beauty back! Oh the anticipation!!
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    Wow! I want mine done! Is there a U.S. Company?

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