C02 Canisters - Shipping?

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Crazylegsmurphy, Apr 2, 2015.

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    I have 20 vintage C02 canisters sitting in the UK from an Ebay purchase I won. The problem is that the friend that is trying to send them to me is running into issues with the mail not allowing C02 in the mail.

    My question is, does anyone know if there is any way to properly mail these?

    If not, does anyone have one of the vintage C02 canisters, that can tell me how to empty the gas, without destroying the look of the canister?

    I figure if she can't mail them full, I will just ask her to empty them. For a Han Solo holster I don't need it filled with gas, so if she can empty them without destroying the look, that would be the second best choice.

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    Punch a nail through the seal at the top to release the gas

    Easy job

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    I received 20 'new' and unused soda chargers in their original packages without any issues from overseas ... then I re-shipped mine seperately under 'vintage replica props'or so ... not CO2 canisters ... all over the globe in bubble wrap envelopes. Perhaps it would be best to divide the 20 canisters by 3 or more packages to avoid any more issues? :)

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    i dont know how comfortable i would feel mailing them... they are very old. most of the time those packages are store in a plane that the area isnt pressurized, if that thing popped it could destroy the item, and while at 35,000 feet i dont think the crew would like anything popping at that height
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    How much is the shipping going to cost you? You should look in the Junkyard for scottjua's Soda King Supercharger post and just get them off of him. Problem solved and probably cheaper than the postage for what you already bought in the UK. These seem somewhat heavy when they are full.
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    I won an overseas auction for some vintage soda bulbs once and they were confiscated by customs on the UK end and destroyed. I got my money back but the seller got hosed.
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