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    Hey guys...seems to be a few cool threepio builds going on at the moment so I thought I should get in on the act. I aim to build 3 x C3PO's...one for the droid sale scene in ANH. One for Jabba's gate scene and one for the Ewok throne scene from ROTJ. The process is to be a combination of 3d printing using the Don post scans, Jesse Maricelli's awesome files on Thingiverse,(thanks dude) and some that I've cleaned up/modelled myself. Once I have the full suit I will make resin casts of all the main parts and then re-finish them, chrome them and add all the greeblies. They will be full scale, free standing (or sitting) and weathered correctly.
    I played around with some renders to show u what I'm going for...


    I'm actually going to be building all the droids from this scene except the astromechs


    I've already built the eyeball droid for this scene


    And for this I need to build the log chair as well

    I have already made a fully chromed suit before that was wearable, but these are for static display. Cheers
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    Can’t wait to see these builds man!
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    OK update time...got a lot of finishing done to the 'master' suit and started casting the head. Had a coupla bad starts due to lack of de-gassing the PU but it seems to be pretty reliable now
    n0FKuSTl.jpg 0iofiKLl.jpg
    Got all the legs ready for moulding too
    And the standard shorts and the 'sitting' shorts are done
    Tn0HXXll.jpg xT34Sg9l.jpg
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    Aww man, I saw "C-3PO's" and I was hoping you were making cereal
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    HAA!! That was my favorite cereal as a kid!
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    Incredible work! Yeesh. Love those head casts! I’d buy one of those! :p
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    That is sick, great work

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