"C" Movie Starship Miniature Effects Model


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Thanks for your patience! Here is Part 3 (see attached).


  • C spaceship_SF&FM_Part3_Page_06.jpg
    C spaceship_SF&FM_Part3_Page_06.jpg
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  • C spaceship_SF&FM_Part3_Page_05.jpg
    C spaceship_SF&FM_Part3_Page_05.jpg
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  • C spaceship_SF&FM_Part3_Page_04.jpg
    C spaceship_SF&FM_Part3_Page_04.jpg
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  • C spaceship_SF&FM_Part3_Page_03.jpg
    C spaceship_SF&FM_Part3_Page_03.jpg
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  • C spaceship_SF&FM_Part3_Page_02.jpg
    C spaceship_SF&FM_Part3_Page_02.jpg
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  • C spaceship_SF&FM_Part3_Page_01.jpg
    C spaceship_SF&FM_Part3_Page_01.jpg
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