bye bye sculpey hello Cx5

Holy crap....

That stuff is awesome, and that guy has some serious talent :eek

Interesting. He describes it as a 'premium' material. I read that as 'expensive'. I'll certainly give it a try when it becomes available.
It looks like some type of hot-melt. He has a warming tray for the clay, and looked like he had some type of hot-knife for the detail. It is a little out of my skill range.

I am viewing his web site, and he has got some crazy mad skills. His Slave-Leia is hot.
As some have said, it's a sculpting wax, which means you use heated tools, or a wax pen, to work with it. Once cool it is very hard and can therefore hold the smallest of detail. Adam Beene is one of the best in the biz, and this is a formula he developed. I know I'm eager to try it, as the casteline I normally use hasn't been formulated quite right in over 5 years. His latest blog entry at the end of Nov. mentions the release date is near.
This material sounds very interesting indeed and might be worth experimenting with, even if it is a bit pricey. Mr. Beane is immensely skilled...beyond amazing really; this kind of sculpting talent is what most of us can only aspire to!
Back in April of 2011, I backed his kickstarter project. Due to the amount of work it took him to produce the video and get the Cx5 going, the day of joy will soon be upon us!
This is his updated news as of July 16th 2012: Adam Beane's ~amazing~ Sculpture Videos! by Adam Beane » Updates — Kickstarter

My original donation was for the DVD only, but because we waited so long, he is including a sample of his Cx5!!! Can't wait... Can't wait!

Now all I have to do is save up for this...:unsure Giles Precision Waxer

Thank you Mr. Beane!
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