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It's been a long time in my brain, and I've spent a long while trying to figure out how it will work. But starting this month I've begun work on a Buzz Lightyear costume for PAX Prime(Should have started a Month ago). I have two clear Acrylic domes on order on Maine... and they probably wont be here in time... sadly. But I am building the costume so that they can be quickly attached, assuming the measurements are accurate.

The Concept is to build as if it was the costume for a live action movie version of Buzz. I'm going for an edge, and a hint more realism, but without losing the bright colors, silhouette, and 'look' of Buzz from the toy.

For reference I'm just using found images online of Buzz, and a few pics of the toy. In addition I'm keeping in mind The SC2 Space Marine (My First big failed costume), a touch of Halo Spartan Armor, the 'Real Buzz' concept art (Where the seed of the idea came from), and thoughts from my in-progress Marvel Sentinel costumes. But mostly because I've done two sets of scary villian fantasy armor, it's time to do something science fiction and not terrifying to little children like Kael or the Witch King.

To start I built up a cardboard template. Then from there I've been building the actual armor.


The cardboard template behind some styrene and pvc foam build. The armor is reinforced with some small styrene parts riveted in. Originally my plan was to have no rivets. But it just ends up being so much more stable with rivets.


The white styene is going to be covered up by some more PVC foam plates. It's just there for stablity. My first big departure from the toy is to add some cooling vent holes on top of the breastplate.


I ordered today a dirt cheap suit of Motocross armor. It should be a great underarmor to attach everything too. Also ordered some shin armor for like 8 bucks, for the same reason. I need something stable to attach leg armor too.

I have some thick foam mats that are so popular these days. I may use them for some of the less visible areas that need a bit more flexablity. Under the arms and leg pieces. But they have such a specific 'look' about them, that I'm trying not to use them.

Still on my to-do list is just about everything.

I need to find the right pair of white gloves. I've been looking at motorcycle gloves, but it's hard to find the right white ones.
I need to find the spray paint for Buzz Purple, and Buzz Green. I suppose these don't have to be exact. But I want to keep that Buzz look.
I need a Purple Balaclava or whatever the Apollo 13 astronauts used to wear. Anyone know where I can get a pattern?

I'm building the Jetpack as just a jetpack. I'm dropping the wings, but still trying to figure out something jetpacky to do with the shape of the wings when they are retracted.

Building the chest armor first, then finishing the wrists, arms, boots, upper legs. Then finishing the chest and hopefully adding the domes.

First up I'm going to get all the basic parts together, then start detailing and greebling.

No, I have no idea how I'm possibly going to finish this damn thing in only 2 weeks. If I must I'll push this out to Emerald City Comic-con next year. But for that I have some other things in mind. This is easily my most ambitious build, and I have no idea how I'm going to finish it and still have a life. This may very well be one of those builds I get half way done with, then put on hold for six months, then finish up in 2012.

To Infinity, and BEYOND!
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Re: Buzz Lightyear by Hamsterstyle, a WIP

I was starting this very costume for Halloween but I was having so much trouble. I was going to use parts from various other armors to mod to get what I wanted but I have since abandoned it. Seeing what you have done with the chest makes me want to pick it back up.

How are you planning to do the dome?
Re: Buzz Lightyear by Hamsterstyle, a WIP

I have a good friend at work that is a HUGE Buzz fan and we've talked several times about his desire to try something like your project. I'm totally going to send him the link to your thread so he can check out your progress!

Keep up the great work! :):thumbsup
Re: Buzz Lightyear by Hamsterstyle, a WIP

I was starting this very costume for Halloween but I was having so much trouble. I was going to use parts from various other armors to mod to get what I wanted but I have since abandoned it. Seeing what you have done with the chest makes me want to pick it back up.

How are you planning to do the dome?

What kind of troubles were you having?

Also, does anyone know where I can get a pattern for an astronauts Balaclava-thing. The headgear they wear that Buzz also wears? I may just have to get a cheap polyester purple one off Amazon.

Also, any ideas on the 'right' color green and purple?
Re: Buzz Lightyear by Hamsterstyle, a WIP

No idea about the balaclava material, but these might help in the long run. I'm not sure if you've seen these already but they were in another Buzz build thread here on the forum :). I forgot the member that provided these decals though.








Re: Buzz Lightyear by Hamsterstyle, a WIP

It was mainly indecision. Should I modify existing armor or create my own templates? I pep'ed quite a few test pieces to see what if it worked but was getting burned out. No biggie, this is about your build.

Did you template off anything in particular or just wing it? I like the chest design. I can see some of the 'Real" Buzz Lightyear, especially the 'button' on the left breastplate.

Are you thinking smooth or boxy for your final design?

As far as colors, if you have access to an air brush you would probably have a lot more luck. Most RC model shops have a pretty good variety of paint colors, more than you would get from regular spray paint. That or check out a Michaels, they sometimes have colors I do not see in a hardware store.

Krylon Fusion might have some colors for you:

THey have a few lines with bright colors
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Re: Buzz Lightyear by Hamsterstyle, a WIP

Oh, very nice beginning! I'll be following this one with interest.
I was actually just telling my wife it would be neat to build a Buzz Lightyear costume for my little boy this year at Halloween. As much as I want to do a pirate theme, that will probably have to wait until next year.

I, of course, want to dress up as Zorg. :lol

So hey, are you working from some kind of pattern/pep base, or just freehand cardboard?
Re: Buzz Lightyear by Hamsterstyle, a WIP

Did a quick search and found a pattern for the headsock/balaclava
Pattern for sewing a balaclava - Wind In The Roses
There is one change to the instructions given that I would change:
Before you sew the two halves together, have the wrong sides (the sides of the fabric that will be on the inside) facing out. Sew it as directed and then turn it right sides out. This will help hide the seams and make it look better.
You will have to add your own ear cap things if you want them.
Re: Buzz Lightyear by Hamsterstyle, a WIP


Started on the Jetpack today. Cut out the basic shapes last night and did the riveting and gluing today. I've given up using mostly glue,, as hot glue doesn't bond super well to pvc foam. Rivets, although rough looking, hold just too well.

Started with a flat sheet of PVC foam, then riveted it to a couple pieces of PVC pipe. Then I added more details like the upper 'fin' thingys. Then for the hell of it I cut up some PVC pipe to make secondary/Maneuver Jets.


Finally I added some magic sculpt to some of the rougher areas. i'm hoping it bonds ok with the plastic (It doesn't super well, but using Bondo is just too toxic for my workspace. Tomorrow I'm going to do some sanding and perhaps a light coat of paint to see how it's coming together.



To answer a few questions. I just free handed some cardboard to make a template. Everything else I've just been eyeballing and roughing out. I hope that the final produce looks a bit smoother than it's coming out. PVC Foam isn't the most forgiving medium. Melts too easily and nothing sticks to it well.

I have copies of those decals already. I may just print some of them out for detailing. Or make them into stencils and spray paint them on, hopefully giving it a rougher look.

I really wish my plastic domes would get here on time. I have a feeling that they wont be. I took too long to order them and now it's down to the wire. There are quite a few areas on the costume I wont' be able to work on until I get them in place. Plus the whole issue of how/if I can make the helmet open and close.

I may just end up buying a cheap Balaclava from Amazon for about 10 bucks. Might be easier than making it and be good-enough for now.
Re: Buzz Lightyear by Hamsterstyle, a WIP

Very nice, I had considered this for the longest time but decided I couldn't pull it off, I cant wait to see how yours turns out, looks great so far.
Re: Buzz Lightyear by Hamsterstyle, a WIP

To get the magic sculpt to adhere better, try roughing up the plastic in the area with some really rough sandpaper. In the past when I have worked with sintra I used the glue plumbers use on PVC pipes. Takes some time to set but works great.
Re: Buzz Lightyear by Hamsterstyle, a WIP

This is some beautiful looking work. You're gonna have to show it to me in person some time!
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