Buyer Beware! "selling" my M7's


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I'd like to bring this to everyones attention, I have found images of my Halo M7 SMG on the Modelers or mice website offering my smg for sale. The images came out of my online photo gallery and have been photoshopped. There is no mistaking it, I know my stuff from a mile away.
Do not do business with these guy's as they do not have permission to sell my smg and they don't have a copy of my smg to sell. They will rip you off.

Jonny B

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You're being very calm about this, my reaction would be more like this...

Strength - Hanover Grows Muscle and Strength - YouTube

Shesh, it seems like they're crawling out of the woodwork in droves these days. Honestly its like every time I look there's another recaster getting caught out... and then I wonder how many are getting away with it we aren't catching.

Wes R

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It's the downside to letting new members just come and join any time. They can come in and find interesting stuff and then either recast it or use pics. In this case it may not have been a member but it wouldn't shock me if they heard about his work from someone on here.


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For that boasts of being "Your last stop" in props they don't have a lot which is good if they are recasters.

I see from this picture of a past item that they used to carry that Star trek agonizor that everyone and their monkeys uncle recasts.