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  1. paulblopez

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    does anyone on here have an idea the size for a whole scale head bust should be about
  2. Colossus601

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    Wow.you've asked a very broad question there....If you are talking in terms of "human" the diameter of the cranium(the head) runs 'on average' between 23.5"(quite small) to 25"(good average).
    You also must decide how far out you wish to portray....Just the head,Head and neck,Head,neck to mid to lower trapezius muscle,Head-neck-trapezius to upper-mid or lower shoulder...then once you've settled on that you need to determine how far down you wish to go...the chin,the adam's apple,the clavical(collar bones),upper to mid to lower sternum adinfinitem.
    see the good thing is there are so many choices and the bad thing is there are so many choices.The answers to all of these paramters is determined by You the sculptor because unless you are doing a commission with guidelines you and you alone have total creative control.
    The armature you use as the foundation can be as simple as a rock and a stick, chicken-wire and a wad of clay, a barber's styrofoam head etc...me personally I started out using a bang-kok style terminator skull and a foam styro cone.
    Also always consider your armature (and base)carefully......it can do nothing for you and just hold your clay or if you are interested...I alone can offer you one of two Platforms that are Unique and have the structural characteristics and landmarks like No Other Armature offered on the market to date.

    If you are interested in such a leap forward in armature design please email me at colossus601@gmail.com
    This will be the Last bust armature platform you will ever need to buy save the accessories I offer to expand its characteristics

    I hope my answers and offer enlighten and intrigue you (all of you) enough asto the possibilities out there that await.
    Thank You for your time and Kind attention.
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    I think you may have confused diameter with circumference. Even then, a 23.5" circumference would not be considered quite small. I think I recall reading that 22.5-23" is considered average for an adult male.

    A 23.5" diameter would make the circumference just under 74" - one massive melon!
  4. Mr Mold Maker

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    Some people have 21 inch heads, and some have 25 inch heads (like Ben Affleck! The more you know!)

    Size and scale doesn't have a set limit. Do your best to estimate using your reference and go from there.

    That being said, 23 inches circumference is what I'd say is the middle ground average male head size. 21.5-22 for female heads.
  5. Alaneye

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    I'm always puzzled by questions like this placed on the internet. You have a head on your shoulders, you have friends and family. Get the tape measure out :)
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    But that would require time and work. You can't expect either of those things from someone who starts a thread with a 1-line question with no question mark.

    Joking aside, I found this in about 10 seconds with a simple google search. http://www.ask.com/science/average-size-human-head-62364d028e431bf3

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