Burke 115 TOS Bridge Chair Conversion

JW Foust

Well-Known Member
Recently did this Burke 115 conversion. The upholstery and triangles are all Ralph Miller products, who does a fantastic job on these! This is the slip-on version. Just a whole lot easier than cutting into the chair. The paint was Rustoleum Harbor Blue, which is OK, but just a hair too saturated to my eye. It photographs well enough. This was one of the non-swiveling chairs, so I avoided any mechanism repair issues. I'm not real satisfied with the finish, but the pics didn't pic it up, so I may be overcritical.


105_2233.JPG 105_2239.JPG
105_2237.JPG 105_2248.JPG 105_2245.JPG


Sr Member
Looks great. I was considering the arm-rest version for my office remodel but decided I'd much rather have castors on the feet. Krylon "Peekaboo Blue" is a near dead-on color for these chairs.

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