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Burger King Commercial

Discussion in 'Production Made Costumes and Props' started by Electronic Lids, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. Electronic Lids

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    Odd prop for sure, but does anyone know who made the Burger King head for the commercials a few years back? Alternatively amazingly if anyone here has one would they sell / trade it?
  2. MoviePropCollector

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    Legacy Effects made the heads.
  3. brianelliot2020

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    Anyone own a head?
  4. Abelugo

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    The head can be found as a 70's balloon inflator, at least that is what was referenced when they made the new scuplt. Then the first resurgence came, it was deeped too creepy and went away. I think the latest verion is slightly smaller but large than a real human head. So still creepy.

    here is more info

    Check item 272040546402 on ebay

    for the poster below, probably this guy- more useless info pushing great info, darn


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  5. Krel

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    And they knew it was creepy too. Remember the commercial with the guy driving down the street at night, when he looks in his rear view mirror, and sees the BK? The next scene is out on the street showing the car as he stomps on the brake, bringing the car to a screeching stop!

    The head is based on the actor/magician that played the Burger King in the 70s. My Brother said that in college, Burger King was held up as an example of a successful company, that has no corporate identity. I know that they have had at least three different types of Burger King in my lifetime.


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