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hey guys wasnt sure were to put this topic but i thought it would be interesting. we all spend so much time building these great costumes but does anyone go to the same great lengths for their body? i only ask cause at the minute im training for halloween do to my superman returns costume justice.

workout routines welcome
There is already a thread like this somewhere, but I believe it kind of died out.

I've gone from 300lbs to 269lbs since February, for a death eater costume. I have until July 15 to lose at least another 10.

I've also severely worked on my shoulders to give a more menacing shape to my figure. I'm 6'1", and have a 54" chest. I'm by no means in grat shape, but I'm built to be. You know what I mean? Still working on it. My goal weight is 200lbs. I hope to hit it just in time for next summer.
yeah i started p90x a while back but could never get the hang of the diet, love my junk food too much sadly, but in saying that i did get stronger and feel much better, been trying my own routine lately incorporating many elements from p90x and i have been trying the intermittent fasting diet, lost a few pounds already
yeah swimming is good for shoulder and back development right. im not gonna be in any way huge im a bit of a hard gainer, but i want to add a bit of muscle and tone up good so something shows under the suit. clearly there is no real reason trying to get ridiculously ripped cause the suit will hide it all but i figure if i get in good overall shape and add some size and shape to my shoulders and arms i should do ok in the suit
Do pullups -Palms facing you and away - shoulders/back/biceps
pushup variations - Chest (use push ups bars or 2 chairs so you can go a bit lower)
Tricep Dips - with a chair or if you go to the gym. Use the one where you lift your body weight.
Bicep curls
straight arm flys - Shoulders
Shoulder shrugs -Get a heavy weight. Look this exercise up for proper form. Awesome for building Traps which will add to the effect of superman.

These are Awesome exercises to build that upper body all over.

Don't forget legs either.

Leg presses, leg extentsions, leg curls, Calf raises with decent weight in hands.

Also don't forget to get your protein intake to repair and build muscle.
I have a protein shake in the morning and one after a workout in the same day.
I get the rest from my meals throughout the day.

You'll see a nice difference after a couple of weeks doing it every other day.
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Wow! That's the opposite of what I'm doing.

I assume you're using a protein suppliment of some sort?

Surprisingly not, I'm no good with suppliments, I'm taking a multivitamin but that's it lol.

I don't do the diet either, my body just responds well to exercise lol. :lol
I trained for 3 months to add mass on my biceps and chest to fit my spiderman costume for last halloween, I took whey protein to help put some muscle mass. It's Very Important to give your muscle at least 3-4 days recover time before traing again, rest is as important as training, muscle grows while they are at rest. I'm 5.7" 160 pounds. 33 waist
Here's some photos of me in the Spidey suit

I've started to walk more and frequently go to the gym, but that's mainly for me to be healthy and feel good about myself. Then ofc it's a big plus to have a nice body when dressing as a jedi and my gf won't complain if I loose some of the belly :p
But in the end I still think the most important thing is that I feel good about myself.
Don't forget squats and lunges. They will help immensely. Also, lifting weight is great, but if you want to loose pounds, don't forget the cardio. What I typically do is spend about half my time on the elliptical or treadmill (30min) then go to the weights for 30-40 minutes.
i used to train a lot, as i played american football, so i basicly had to :D
but i had a herniated disc (i hope thats the right english term :) ) due to a gym contest, and since then i lost 15 kg (which is 33 pounds according to google) which is really bad :/

i will start to train again soon, so i'll get it all back tho :D

for my standard training plan it was a HIT version called P.I.T.T. (professional intensity training technique) which was about lifting the weight you could do only 1 (max weight) 20 times in 5 minutes. As soon as you can do 20 or more in that time, you raise. Its really hard training, especially for squats and deadlifts, and you need a lot of reg time, so its only 2 gym days per week

monday i did:
squats, angled bench press and pul overs,
Deadlifts, extra weight dips and pullups

plus i did isolation training for calves, lower arms, and sometimes abs in every unit.
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Most likely Water Retention. That's 12 lbs in a month.

Certainly not all muscle gain as max muscle gain per month is like around 1-2 pounds?
Maybe less?

Makes sense, I actually didn't gain much weight after 3 months but my upper body muscles were nicely pumped.

Most likely Water Retention. That's 12 lbs in a month.

Certainly not all muscle gain as max muscle gain per month is like around 1-2 pounds?
Maybe less?

Probably something close to that, and I imagine a lot of it was water retention, because I actually shot up to about 170, two and a half months into it, I'm sitting pretty around 168. I know I should be doing recovery stuff, but that crap is expensive!

I am enjoying having a good home workout program... I hate going to the gym.
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