Building the Tie Bomber


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Ok. This may sound dumb, there were links in the first few pages, but I am working on this model. I need to know a few things. What is a good online source for these models? And where do I get the plastruct (i think thats the name) pieces, and what pieces do I get? Please help me. I can't make sense out of all these posts saying there is a piece, then not a piece etc...



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It's great that you're working on this model. I'm sure many here would love to see your progress in pictures posted.

It's easier to help out once one knows how far along you are on this model, no sense in going over the same ground twice, I'm sure you'll agree.

Looking forward to seeing your progress pictures.



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Well, thats the thing. I haven't started yet because of this reason. I don't know where to start. What pieces are good to start with? I have the list of model parts needed, I just don't know which ones to order and start with first.


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OH! I thought when you said you were working on this model, you meant you were actually working on this model. It makes a big difference. In that case I suggest you read this thread very carefully from the start and click any links that may still be active.

There's I believe a couple of links on here from several members that give a list of the kits that you'll need. That's where I'd start off.

This will take some time and expense in tracking down many kits which some many no longer be available, (the older Yamato Battleship comes to mind).

While you're tracking and buying kits, I'd also gather as much info (pictures especially) of the actual filming miniature that was use that you can get.

Still want to tackle this scratchbuild? I'm not trying to discourage you, I'm just trying to let you know what most of us that have taken on projects like this have gone through.

You do have another alternative though. Check out my website under kits.



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My current project is the SMT Tie-Bomber. As most of the details are wrong on this kit, I am scratchbuilding them. Anyway I don't want to make all the tiny parts (shown on the photo) that are missing on the inner plate wings. Can someone tell me from which kit it comes.


Thanks in advance
PS: the photo comes from the website


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OK, here is a basic question that I need to figure out to get started. I am going to begin with the wings, and I've got most of the parts layed out. What I need to figue out is what to use for the circular/cylindrical mounting point on the inside of the wing - the big round piece that goes between the two railgun decks. I want to place that first and then cut the railgun decks to fit against it, and then from there it's just detailing.

Is there a found part in one of these kits that I can cut down, or do I need to use a piece of tubing? From looking at the dimensions, I'm not sure that I can get tubing in the right diameter.


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Barnstormer, I scratched this part on my masters. I don't think they were a found part on the original ILM model either.

What I did was sandwiched cut disks of sheet styrene till I had the desired thickness, which I then made seperate sections to create the different tiers as seen on the original model. I found this method worked just fine for me.



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Hey, is anyone out ther still thinking about building one of these? Are all you guys working in silence or have you all lost interest in this ship? After Rolondo did his beautiful version of the TIE Bomber, it seems like everyone's moved on to something else. The "Magic of Myth" show just finished up here in the New York area and that Bomber looked very cool indeed. Anyone else have this on their workbench?



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I'm still working on mine (very slowly.) There is another thread that has seen a little activity, I think, because this one is so big that it is slow to load. I'm doing mine with all 'real' parts (no resin) so it's going to be pricey, but on the bright side I'm only picking up kits as I'm ready for them, so I'm kind of on an 'installment plan.'

On the bright side, the M3 Lee seems to have come back into print since I started - I couldn't find them for ages, but now they're in stock everywhere.

Good luck, check the other thread, and let us know how you do!



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Hi all

Just been looking at the parts for the tie bomber....I can't remember who's pics these are so I hope it's ok to post this link. Anyway, does anyone know what kit the pale grey parts are from in this picture? They are to be attached to the sides of each main body of the tie.
I think I have all the kits apart from the rodney and lee tank but I can't find these parts in any kits I have at the moment.

Hope someone can help

Thanks guys

Phil UK

Rick Deckard

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Hi Phil!

Those parts came from the Airfix 1/24 Harrier GR MK1 A
The kit itself have one piece, so you will need to buy 2 kit or make castngs of the part.



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Hi Adolfo

I didn't know the bomber used the harrier parts, but luckily I have a harrier kit for an at-at project, so that's great news !
I'm wondering if I've missed anything else...I've read the whole thread though a few times but missed the mention of the harrier....could I send you a PM/email to confirm I have all the kits I'm gonna need ?
Thanks heaps for your help.

Best regards

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