Building me a Dianoga


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Hi folks.
On a big Star Wars building spree right now and i was looking around for a new project. Trouble was - no money.
Then i stumbled on Skaughts excellent and insperational tutorial her on how he made his Dianoga.
Thought i'd have a go as (A) i've always loved the beastie (Dianoga, not Skaught) (B) It looked like i could make it with stuff i had around already.
Figured first thing was do the eye, as all the rest would naturally follow on from there.
I had a clear hemipsphere in the bits box that has half a toy container. It was about the right size, so i painted it from the inside, figuring the natural lens-like effect done that way is far more natural looking than any amount of Gloss Varnish can produce:


Once that was done, i puy it on a piece of A2 paper and drew him out roughly. With that, i could then do what Skaught had done and use plumbing parts for the frame, and this would give me an idea of the sizes i'd need:


So built that, bunged on the eye and plopped it onto a base:


Looks odd in the next pic, which is the body bulked out with Bubblewrap and some were left hanging down for the basis of the tendrils:


I watched the fellas scene at this point and noticed, when he turned to show his profile, that he's got a distinctive dip up top in the middle of his head:


I'd not done that, so it was out with the scalpel to remove a section:


Then i covered most of it with silver Duct Tape just so i could see it more solid:


I decided to do the eyelids next, figuring they'd be a bugger to paint once on the eye.
For them i used a section of a regular carrier bag, wrinkled up to give some nice wrinkly detail, taped to a piece of card, painted Bleached Bone, then washed with Burnt Umber. Then it was a simple matter of cutting it to the right width and then folding and folding until it was the right thickness and Hot Glued in place:


I was going to go with Skaughts next step of putting on Liquid Latex but i'd only be able to afford to put on a thin coat and feared all the edges of the Duct Tape would show through.
Decided to Plaster Bandage, a material i'd never used before, to try and smooth everything out.
SO pleased i'd used it!
What BRILLIANT stuff!
Stuck no probs, could be smoothed if i wanted, could be left rough if i wanted, could be balled up to make extra lumps and dried extra fast.
Best of all, i could cut it into strips, wet it, twirl it roughly, and they made excellent tendriles - so i rapidly removed the existing bubblewrap dangly parts and bunged loads on.



Next up, veins made from Hot Glue and hairs all over made from a donor bristle brush.
Okay, finished off the skin with some veins made from Hot Glue, but the bigger one's i used the paste made for replicating stained glass leading when decorating jars etc, and hair are snipped from a washing-up brush:


Then it was out with the primer and here's one whole pot of Bleached Bone applied.
Think i'll be investing in quite a few before i'm done...

Looking great! I'd have never thought to make a Dianoga but this looks so straighforward I just may give it a try!
Bit more progress for you.
I finished off coating it with Bleached Bone:


But, while doing so, what had been bugging me grew and grew - the brown i'd done for the eyelids would be too dark over the whole of the beastie, not showing up the icky detail at all.
So, i've changed tack, based the eyelids again and am now in the process of mucking it right up.
Next step is to start putting in variations of nastiness:



Here he is all done. Don't think my Wife will let me keep him in here - don't think she'll object though to have him outside guarding the bins.
Had real fun making this, made even better by it costing me only for the plaster bandage.



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