Building an X-Wing

OK, I wanted to get this built up for me, but since I'm not in a position to spend more money I am doing it on my own.

So is it best to build first or paint first? Seems to me that it'd be easier to weather around the wings while apart, but then you enmd up with seams or whatnot right?

What is the best way to do it?

It's an AMT kit.


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You kinda have to make judgement calls. Things like the guns I'd assemble, fill the seams with filler, sand and then primer and paint. Then once everything is together start weathering. You just have to think ahead about where the part is going to go and how easy it will be to paint when it gets there. Yes, there's thinking involved :)


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I built mine with seperate wings so I could super detail them. The actual weathering was done after final assembly. The wing cannons are extremely fragile and break off easily. Whenever one breaks, I drill out both sides and install a pin making a better reinforced connection. If I had it to do over, I would have done that from the start. IMO, it is a good representation of the ship for the money and the wing guns are the only real weak link. It also takes well to detail adding modifications and it really can't be weathered too much. It also helps to superdetail the pilot but after assembly, I think he is a bit too large.
Thinking? I'm not really up for that... maybe I'll toss it in the blender with some glue and see what pops out...

I've come to the realization today that I lost my kit building skills. I used to be able to build and weather anything but lately I just suck.

Anyway I'm still building this kit but the outcome is gonna be interesting....
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