Building an Ogre Titan? (Titanfall Cosplay)


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Alright so, I just got done attending Otakon 2014 as Spider-Man, and my friends and I decided on a group cosplay next year. Its main aspect is kind of a secret so I won't reveal too much just yet. But we wanted one of us to possibly be on stilts and be in an Ogre-Class Titan suit. What are my options as far as material goes? Also, is there any material that would be durable enough to climb on gently (by someone who is 130lbs). We're thinking our friend who is already 6'5" would be a good candidate for the costume seeing as how he's already pretty tall and we'd like to have the "rodeo" position as one of the poses for our group cosplay.

Ogre-Titan for reference.

Rodeo for reference.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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