Building a full size replica of the Pizza Planet truck


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Hey everyone!

New member here, longtime lurker, first time poster!

I wanted to share with you all a project some friends and I are working on called "The Road to Pixar." We are building a full size replica of the Pizza Planet truck from the Toy Story films (as well as every other Pixar film), and taking it on a road trip from our home in Southern California to Emeryville - home of Pixar's studio. We will be filming a documentary along the way and stopping at several colleges and roadside attractions and interviewing folks about how the Toy Story films/Pixar films in general have affected their lives, if so in any way.

This has been a long time in the making, and just recently we have been moving along pretty quickly. We now have freshly painted yellow truck complete with: side magnets, hanging aliens from the rear view mirror, the signature "YO" on the tailgate, custom license plates from the movie coming in the mail, and a fiberglass mold of the rocket for the top.

Since we are all college students, funding is tight and we have set up a donation site to help with those funds, along with our Facebook, Twitter, and Wordpress sites. Even Lee Unkrich the director of Toy Story 3 has shown an interest in the project! (We're still coming off the high from that one).

Basically, I just want to spread the word and see if anyone is interested in the project. There will be some links attached where you can check out some photos/videos of the truck in it's current state, and hopefully you can help us spread the word.

Thanks everyone!

(Mods, if this isn't the appropiate thead, feel free to move, and sorry in advance!)
This is fantastically awesome!

I never did anything this cool when I was in college.

"Seven years - wasted!" :lol

-Mike J.
That's great. I still have pictures of the Pizza Planet truck replica at MGM Studios, or the Disney Hollywood Studios is what I think it's called now. I'm sure there are a lot of pictures of it online. It'll be nice to see one that's actually functional and drives around.
Alright everyone!

Since there have been quite a few views already, and some great responses, we are going to do a mega-post of sorts. This will bring you right up to speed with where we are right now, and hopefully keep you coming back for more! Remember, if you can help in anyway it's greatly appreciated!

The following videos are on our YouTube page as well, just in case you can't view the Vimeo player.

Here we have the purchase of the truck, as well as getting some supplies for the rocket prototype (one of many) and also various clips from some of our meet ups for the project.

The Past Few Months/Weeks/Days on Vimeo

This video shows us working on trying to shape what seems like a cosmic Twinkie into an egg-shaped rocket. Enjoy!

Rapid Protoyping on Vimeo

We were lucky enough to go to D23 (the largest Disney convention in the country) this year, we met up with some great folks and participated in the Pixar panel and got to ask them about the Pizza Planet truck!

The Road to Pixar at D23 on Vimeo

We then picked up the truck from the local Maaco, and brought it back to HQ. Also stopped at Disneyland to buy some toy accessories for the truck.

Picking Up The Pickup on Vimeo

Lastly, and most recently, we painted the rims, and the signature "YO" on the tailgate.

Spray Yo Ricchio on Vimeo

Sorry about the links, I had some trouble trying to embed the videos.

Let me know your feedback!
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Why were you painting on the "YO" at night?

Well we all work and go to school, that was one of the nights where we each got off at like 5 or 6, and we had to do it on that day because the guy with the stencil was leaving up North for school the next day, so it was a "now or never" deal.

It worked out though because the truck was backed up to a light so we had plenty or light to work with.
Here's a quick photo update for you guys.



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