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First post to RPF and first build log! Building the Blood dragon helmet for a friend there is still a long way to go however this is what already has been completed:
  1. Printed in 20 pieces the front shell (I didn't have my large 3D printer yet) in ABS.
  2. Welded all the pieces together using a soldering iron and ABS filament
  3. Lots of rough sanding
  4. Added lacquer based spot glazing putty to fill some imperfections and build lines
  5. Brushed on a slurry of lacquer based spot glazing putty and lacquer thinner.
  6. Sanded this down
  7. Filler primer and the sanding continues
  8. Bought some Acryl Green from 3M to fill imperfections - I love this stuff way better and less fumy than the lacquer based stuff
  9. Sanding sanding sanding
  10. Applied primer for painting
  11. Painted a gloss black (Dupli color universal gloss black) - I don't care for this stuff, it is a pain to apply evenly and hazes easily, I had to scuff it up
  12. Applied Aqua Gloss to get the gloss black to actually be gloss
  13. Applied Spastix mirror chrome and scuffed with scotch bright to get a brushed metal look.
  14. We arrive to today!
To do:
  1. Finish painting the darker metal accents (gun metal, thinking alclad magnesium or steel, or tamiya)
  2. Apply carbon fiber vinyl wrap - this will be a brand new process for me
  3. Spin custom LED board or buy off the shelf led lighting for the red lighting on the mask
  4. Junk mold some lenses for the lights - Never done this either, will need to find a good resin for diffusion of light
  5. Package up all the electronics
  6. Weld, sand, prime, paint the back shell (or reprint the piece on my large printer)
  7. Attach magnets
  8. Attach interior padding
  9. Weather
  10. Admire.
As you can see there is a lot more to get done, but I will be updating as I go, so feel free to come along for the ride!

(PS: I had written this out a lot more gracefully, when I inserted my images and it blew it all away, lesson learned)




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