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I just moved into a new house and through the course of remodeling lost three claw hammers. I needed a new hammer and a better place for it. It was time for a new toolbox.

It was great to have Adam’s pictures with the measurements and details, as they provided great reference. (A cardboard prototype using Adam's reference pics was essential to getting the sheet measurements I needed.)

The box is 6061 aluminum sheet, cut to order by Industrial Metal Supply here in LA.
Angle stock is The Home Depot Special.
Handles, hinges, butterfly latches, and big bag of rivets from Amazon.

Took me about 30 hours to build over two weekends, though may have gone faster if I wasn’t racing daylight and my drill battery. As others before me have mentioned, making the curved tops was the most challenging without a metal brake. My solution was to make a template of the curve, and then gradually bend the metal using a slap-dash jig with scrap wood around my garage.

The last two outstanding items to complete are the wires for the lid and an organizer for the tools.

I have to say I’m pretty excited to slap some stickers on him and put this baby to good use! #makeeverything


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