Budjet build Boba Fett (Complete &Pic heavy)


Come on, its Boba Fett. How could I resist not doing a cosplay of the legend. lol. Cosplaying for the fandom, not for Definite Accuracy
As always its on budget.
Materials Used :
Eva 2mm Foam.
Wood Glue.
Random stuff lying around the house ie. Bottles, caps, straps.

and...a bowl. @.@

So yes a bowl.
Why, Simple that helmet is a pain. lol But I had just the right bowl to use to papermache the shape out of. I used a tape to know how far the dept i wanted it to go.

well...the pic pretty much explains itself doesnt it. I did 3 layers , removed, then coated with wood glue to reinforce.

Next up was to find the armor pieaces. For this I looked up a hottoys referance.

Steadied the cardboard and started eye scaling and cutting out.

Got a shirt and layed them out and worked out the scale to fit me

After this was the next guard....which was..SHEER luck i got it right...ish


Next i worked out how i wanted the back pack to fit me, along with the front neck guard. I already knew i wanted them both to attach to each other.
So scaled on some fiber board and then to cardboard.

One pieace cut.

The I folded it over and was pretty happy with it.

Next up was the Shins. I had to look up competed ones and eye scaled out my templates.

Some fiddling around... ;/

Not the most impressive looking thing..but...

BOOM! ( For the record my thing is using cardboard as a base for the basic shape then covering over with eva foam to appear neat. Then dremel, edges to make them uniform.)

The shoulders wernt that hard.

Pretty soon I covered up all the basic armor parts.And began coating them with Wood Glue to them them a sleek finish.

Just another angle

Next up where the Arm guards....im a little funny cause i see a few variants between them . But im not going to 100% accuracy. Im just happy to have it was recognized as such.

Does it even look like i know what im doing...><

Still wondering if i know what im doing @.@

why.. YES i know what im doing XD...ish..

Foam .....i love you..@W@

Heres the other gaunlet...and its covered in wood glue..so it looks like a hot mess

OK! time for the rocket pack

Some scaling...

A prayer...@.@

Having prayers answered...... :D along with morning coffee...

Random stuff i dont remember doing @.@

Adding stuff that just felt right to me

^^ feeling very happy..

THANK GOD I love potatochips with lots of salt.

Heres the back pieace mount I made earlier, then Paper mached to reinforce then lined the edges in foam.

I was wondering what to use for the missle....hmmmm *was drinking an energy drink when....LIGHTBULB~

me happy x3

Time for the assessories. Using foam. i detressed and colored leather brown and flaked with black paint.

Dremeled the edges to make them neat

Some final touches

Ehh i added some stlye to some. BTW they are attached with old cell phone clip holder XD

BTW they are attached with old cell phone clip belt holders XD

I did some paiting in the background with some of the armor

Time to work on the gun....
Cardboard template- covered in eva foam- dremled for rounded edges.

Some style

^^ i was pretty proud of myself.

me at work..@.@ ...im a mess..the shop a mess....the gun a mess... D: good thing im single.

Some sliver paint, coated with black arcylic.


While I was at it, i painted the back pack...now it is green..but it shows up black... >:/ but meh.

I made his hip pistol while i was at it.

now...back to he helmet..

I hope that payer still works @.@

Holy crap @.@ God loves me.!

well its pretty obvios what going to happen here..so thats about it

Here it is in all its glory. Took about 1 month...(rl work etc) but im really happy i have a replica of my own of him ^^

So heres the completed shots with some help from a photographer i work with ^^

You can run....But you'll just die Tired- Boba Fett.

If you managed to read through my entire journy without falling asleep. Thanks for sharing it with me. ^^ Hope the hardcore fans dont kill me XD. Im just happy to have a suit of my own.
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