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really impressed with the amount of time you're putting in to this....thought I might throw out a couple of suggestions for future pieces you may wish to construct...do an online (or local) search for "styrene sheet" which is the stuff that model planes are sometimes made of...it is thin and as easy to work as that corrugated cardboard you're using but it allows you to construct precise shapes with an exacto knife or pair of scissors and glues easily with model airplane cement...also, as for neck ring...take a look at subwoofer spacer or mount rings...I am looking at a pair on that big retail site that are made out of mdf with a recessed edge for like $10 bucks...my point being that you sometimes can find dirt cheap items out in the premade world that can save you hours of time...but, that being said, it's great to see your process and follow along on your great build...really great videos

Thaks for the advice, recently I stumbled across 2storyprops, they make their space helmets out of styrene and I thought "oh! That'd be easier!" But I've already come this far so I thought it was a bit late to turn back. Next I'm thinking Gemini,and I'll try the styrene then, but thank you for your encouragement and tips!


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As I'm considering restarting the helmet with styrofoam, (the current one is lopsided and with more Bondo fall out of shape) I recived a gift from my grandparents who recently got back from a vacation at NASA. An accurate. White bordered NASA patch! Now that will be a little more accurate.


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Thanks to @dogstar,he noticed the curve on the visor section was a but tight. I was able to fix that. Thanks again! Also, I started work on the communications tube (is that what they called it?) photo 2 (4).JPG photo 3 (3).JPG photo 4 (6).JPG
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This is Major Tom to ground control, I an stepping through the door of almost completion! As you can see, the legs fit much better now and all the straps are in place. I still need to add the air hose connector and make the helmet. I have also ordered a 16" plastic display bubble to cut for the visor.
I know its been years so I don't wanna get flagged as spam but.. This suit looks amazing!!!! I love the milk cap for the oxygen meter btw. It actually makes it look more genuine. And the FABRIC has the right shine to it. Amazing work!!!

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