budget hands - start to finish


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I thought I would have a go at making some hands using what I had in the house, apart from the devil gloves which I had to buy; these are what I started out with.

To get rid of the red colour I mixed some cream acrylic with latex to give me the skin colour.

I now started to add the black pattern, using latex pigment, I haven't used these before but according to the suppliers they are fully flexible and as they are made of latex should bond well. The right hand looks odd because I folded and glued the fingers to shorten them, I think I should have cut, trimmed and reglued the fingers first to get rid of the bulkiness caused by folding - ah well, you live and learn.


The next job was the gloves, I used pieces of craft foam glued directly onto the gloves while I was wearing them.These were painted with raw sienna fthen burnt umber was dabbed on for a leather look.



For the knuckle bones I used pieces of upholstery foam, painted cream and grey then stuck onto the gloves; I made some foam rings to go around the bones for a neat finish.

I didn't glue the gloves where they went over the inside of the wrists to allow for easier fitting and removal, I used velcro here instead. The final job was a coat of gloss medium and varnish over the skin, job done.


Let me know what you think, suggestions,criticisms always welcome.
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ive seen a thread on using latex dipped hardware gloves but never thought to just use monster hands ?


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Wow I feel retarded don't ya hate when your to excited an ask your ? And don't read the whole post
Link appreciated


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yep this is what I'm planning on doing to the monster hands I purchased for my build, foam are awesome and the sky's the limit to watch you can do with them, looks great man!


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Thanks guys, glad you like them. I have since learnt that the velcro and foam doesn't really work, the velcro will just rip the foam, so if I was to use this method again I would probably use fabric for the gloves.