Budget builds Han Solo DL-44 and Deckard's PKD


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Now, I'm gonna start by saying that these WILL NOT be fully accurate builds. I'll get them to look as good as I can for what they are but they'll never be as good as high-end replicas.
I bought a couple of toys on Amazon to fit the bill. One was a laser gun and the other was an Airsoft springer Mauser.
(Can't find the Mauser on there anymore)
Anyway, I could see that they could be worked into halfway decent replicas. Not great, but decent. I cannibalized my old Hasbro DL-44 for the scope and flash supressor.
Blast001.jpg Blast002.jpg

Blast003.jpg Blast006.jpg
The Paint I chose for the first part of the PKD's finish is Rustoleum's Chrome. Once that dried, I applied India Ink and wiped most of it away, leaving streaks and spots on various places.
Blast009.jpg Blast013.jpg Blast012.jpg Blast011.jpg Blast010.jpg

Blast014.jpeg Blast015.jpeg

I still have a lot of work to do but I'm enjoying these builds so far.
Oh yeah.. I forgot to mention that the Mauser still shoots. It may just be a springer but it's still pretty fun.


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Looks like a great start! I just finished one of the PKD alikes today, I really like your paintjob it looks nice and vibrant but also worn. I was aiming for a similar look but my silver paint didn't work out too well. What did you use to fill the gap where the gold bullets were?


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Thank you. I'm actually planning to hit the metallic parts with a smoky clearcoat to give the metal a semi-blued/used/aged look and painting over the silver on the grips with Amber.
For the cylinder section, I used a q-tip bottle from an old med-kit.
I cut it down quite a bit (for example, it's no longer truly round)


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Ah awesome, I love when household stuff can get repurposed. I ended up using a 1 inch pvc coupler trimmed down a bit. I'm curious to see how the Amber grips turn out!


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I used turn-signal amber on the PKD grips (didn't get a shot in that state) and once that had dried, I shot the entire thing with a dark/smoky clearcoat.
On the DL-44, I haven't done much but I did the india ink/wipe off trick on the flash-guard.


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Love the PKD! Bought one last night after looking at this thread! Seen a few others using this toy gun as well. Allways have wanted Deckards gun but any I've seen age been way out of my price range. I'm wondering how the real PKD grips would fit in relation to size.
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