Buck Rogers shuttles

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Just finished the two Shuttles from Buck Rogers produced by TimeSlip. Made a few small mods to Ranger 3 and added a bunch of tiny details that have only recently been noticeable due to new pictures of the original being released. I also did an extensive search for the decals used and managed to locate most of them on the same decal sheets used for the Thunderfighter. Both are quick builds due to the clean castings

Some WIP shots can be found here...


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AWESOME finishes there Lee!! Congrats on a BEAUTIFUL job on both of those, they look Spot On!!! Your work as usual is simply quite Stunning!!! So glad to see how elegantly you nailed the look of these!!


Fantastic job Lee!!! You've done an awesome job again.
Timeslip produce some really nice kits. Casting is always spot on!!
Will use those references when I get to building my mine.
Keep up the great work.


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I always called this ship Buck's Buran, in that it reminds me of the Russian Orbiter:
Actually, with no payload bay, this could fit atop Falcon Heavy. To me, this is what Musk's BFS/Starship needs to be for high earth orbit spaceplanes.
The Hatchet ship's first shot didn't destroy it due to shuttle tiles that the thunderfighters lacked.

Something that puzzled me--the site here: www.modelermagic.com/?p=98355
That says that it is the original

Now, I think the original was chopped to form the Terra shuttle from BSG, and that also used as a shuttle in later Buck Rogers episode.
Was that a new build/molding?
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There was a mold made of the original pattern. For the pilot 2 shuttles were made (one 'before' and one 25th Century). It's my understanding that the other versions of the shuttle were modifed from fresh castings.