Buck Rogers Hawk Broach


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If you were around in 1979 you might remember a cheesy TV version of Buck Rogers. And you might remember a badass but weird Hawk guy with feather hair and a black cloak. A friend commissioned me to make this “broach” that Hawk wore on the front of his cloak. He doing a full costume including a feather headpiece. I’m really pleased with how this turned out. It’s my first broach! Such a big day!





Used to watch it back in the day. Yeah. It was plenty cheesy, but also alot of fun. Hawk was my favorite character. Looks like you really nailed the broach. Excellent job.
Nerdy detail: Hark's species is called "Tangata manu" and his ancestors originated from what is now called Easter Island. So, I did some research and in the center ring of the main piece I put engravings from glyphs actually found on Easter Island.

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