Buck Rogers: Assassin laserpistol finished


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One of my favorite episodes from Buck Rogers as a kid was the double feature "The plot to kill a city". I always liked this little laser, so much bang for such a small piece. As far as i know, this prop has never been replicated before, so all you fellow Rogers fans will have something new to add to their collections :)

Last year i introduced my 8 year old son to the show and remembered i had some reference material on my HD and decided it was a perfect project for those little moments when i couldn't work on anything else, like when i was etching brass.

I made some plans in illustrator and cut out the main shape. I used a saw to cut that in half, so i could mill a slot on the inside of the side where the powerslide is. I cleaned up the pieces, rounded of the sides etc and added two reference pins for easy building.

The power indicator was made of styrene and houses in a little piece of resin, which is inserted in the slot before the 2 halves are joined, cleaned and painted. Thid way, it can slide both ways

I thought of doing the barreltip in pressurecast resin first, but using square acrylic rod was easier. So i ordered some, and cut of a piece and sanded and polished both sides where it was cut.

The decals were done in illustrator and pirinted on an inkjet and i used double sided tape to put them on the painted piece.

Very happy with the result and 'Yes, i WILL be offering kits in the junkyard soon' as i did make molds :)

here's a screenshot from the episode and 2 shots of a finished kit i did. I will post here when a JY thread is up for those interrested.

Thanks for looking



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