Limited Run BTTF II - George McFly Hill Valley Telegraph Newspapers - Early 2015 Test Print Run


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This is for a set of test print George McFly newspapers that were made from printing plates with the contrast somewhat too dark.
You will receive 3 copies of each George newspaper, 1 copy of my earlier 'We're Going Back 2015' version of the 'Brown Mansion Destroyed' newspaper, and a few other random free extras.

Screen-Accurate Hill Valley Telegraph - BTTF Replica Prop Newspapers!

You will receive:
1. 3X - George McFly Murdered - March 16, 1973A (Pre-WGB Test Print)
2. 3X - George McFly Honored - March 16, 1973 (Pre-WGB Test Print)
3. 1X - Brown Mansion Destroyed - From the original 2015 / WGB Print Run

For the Brown Mansion paper, filler headlines for the cut out part of the front page were corrected on later prints based on found reference material. These earlier prints have the replacement headlines that I added to complete the page. None of these missing areas were ever visible in the movie.

Item Info:
Exact-size broadsheet replicas custom printed for me by a newspaper company on a full-size vintage press.
The printing plates were made from sharp, clear, high-res scans of the original props from the movie.
These are (with the exception of the corrected version) the highest-quality, most screen-accurate BTTF newspapers ever offered anywhere!
The photos are darker than the original movie props on these test prints due to a contrast error with the printing plates.

Shipping Info:

Shipped in a rigid photo mailer, with cardboard backing on both sides & 'DO NOT BEND' labels.
FREE USPS shipping for all U.S. orders. Calculated rates for all international orders.

Other Item Info:
I have a very high standard for accuracy & quality. If it's not good enough for my collection, I don't sell it.
The newspapers have been stored flat and in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight to avoid UV exposure and discoloration.

Note for Australia buyers ONLY: You must contact me first before you buy this item, so that I can create a custom listing for you.
I have a few conditions that will need to be agreed to before I can accept your order, due to ongoing problems with international shipping delays.


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Bumping up this thread because I have found an old test run of my replica George McFly newspapers in storage.

These were from early 2015, before the final version that I made for 'We're Going Back'. The newspapers look really good, but there was a contrast error on the printing plates, and the photos are somewhat darker than the original movie version. I never sold any papers from this run before, because the corrected newspapers for WGB were made shortly after these.

If there is any interest in these while I wait to restock the normal version in spring 2023, I'll post a listing for them on Etsy.

These would be $30 shipped in the U.S., and would include 3 copies of each newspaper, one copy of the 2015 WGB version of the Brown Mansion Destroyed newspaper, (before the correct headlines for the cut-away sections of the upper half of the front page were identified) and a few other random free prop extras.

George 1.png

George 2.png
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