BTTF Futaba Delorean Remote Project


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The displays project has been handed over to me. I just had a project killer (baby) so those have taken a backseat for a while but my mind keeps spinning on them. I am planning to use some aluminum angle for my display holders.


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Totally new here, and I have 2 questions regarding this prop.

1) Did anyone find a good process for reproducing the stanley displays?
2) Has anyone dealt directly with Unibox? I've exchanged a few emails and tried calling once but the call went to a voicemail box with a different number. Add that to the fact that no one online seems to sell their product, I'm getting a pretty sketchy vibe from them. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.


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Hi what is the correct knob please, ive found the 9v battery clip easy,
Ive just started on this build, can you tell me the size of the unibox or where to purchase from, I'm in the UK so I might be able to find a project box the same size here.
thank you
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Not sure what all will come of it but i dug out some of my work on this and got back on it. I have had a 3D printer for a couple years now and ever since I got it I have wanted to print out the Stanley displays. After a lot of learning, tinkering, and trial and error I don't think i have done a bad job. I am not 100% done but i have a display printed ready to accept lights in the back. I still need to figure out a mounting system for the lamps, like a pcb or something. Once i have that i will better know the dimensions for the back cover. I also need to work on creating the clear lens' and what i assume is like a rice paper diffuser. I'm sure it isn't 100% accurate but it's what i have at the moment without more info to refine it. No pics at the moment of writing this but I will try and get some for anyone that is curious.
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Hey Guys,
I wanted to post a thank you for helping me create my BTTF remote. This forum has been an amazing resource for finding the parts to build my version.
I took a few liberties with the parts since it is a little tough to find the exact Futaba remote. Even with the few minor differences my friends and family are still just as excited to play with it. :)
To get it working I used a arduino UNO and a 5 button birthday card sound module. I created the Boot up and Counter SFX from Scratch. Enjoy!
View attachment 497399 View attachment 497398


Great job! The original remote is hard to find. I think I might use your idea and find something similar to start my build. Enjoy!


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Hi all. I just got my hands on a Futaba over the weekend and have decided to give this a try too. I’ve been looking for an excuse to get into Arduinos, so this will be a great chance to do so, as I hope to program one to drive the FX for the remote. Thanks to everyone above for all the useful info, as I now have additional parts on the way for my build.


As far as the Stanley display is concerned, has anyone considered a 3D print of the housing? I have a buddy who’s an industrial engineer, and I am going to see how feasible it is to replicate the segment display box in this manner. I was also thinking that a warm white LED might work in lieu of an Incandescent. It wouldn’t be vintage or 100% accurate, but it would at least look the part while being low wattage enough for something like an Arduino to drive it. Just an idea.


Since the Stanley displays are impossible to find, I just thought maybe this would be a path forward. Thoughts?


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Two posts above yours I did say that I have made the Stanley display on my 3-D printer.

I also have an Arduino set up for driving the displays for the remote is well.


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I printed a test one a few years back, only had to make minor adjustments to the segment divider thickness to get a good print. Model was based off a resin casting of a real one. I never went back to it adjust the model for LEDs and such though. I’ll try to dig up pics.


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This was the first one I tried with accurate divider thickness, you can't see in the pics but the dividers failed in places because they were a bit too thin.

These were ones with the dividers a bit thicker to make them more easily printed.


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I had the same problem in mine, had to thicken up the divider. I made my one piece instead of the multiple parts put together. Just need to make a circuit board for lights, and a back cover. Also the clear front covers but those shouldn’t be the end of the world.

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