BTTF collection seller on ebay - skimmer?

Discussion in 'Free Replica Paper Props' started by MadMike, May 13, 2012.

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    This is his website:

    HE-DESIGN - Grafik - Design - Werbung

    According to his homepage he is a professional designer. It's hard to tell if he used the free paper props in this forum or did them by himself. I guess he has got the knowledge and software to do props like this on his own.

    But for the price it's a real bargain.

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    Nope. Definately taken from here, or at least on the net. I recognize the 1955 Marty Letter, Cafe 80s Menu and the Match Made in Space cover being on here and other websites. The Match Made in Space is the old one made with screen caps from the film. I also have the file for the Tales from Space cover he's selling. The quality isn't that great, a lot of it looks faded.

    Other than the three page Western Union however, which looks different than the one we have here, ours doesn't look as screen accurate, the one he's selling looks pretty close but I don't think it's from a vectorized image.
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    The Western Union letter is a copy of the replica, which was part of the japanese 20th anniversary DVD edition, so it's a better version than the one here in the forum (yet :D).

    All the other stuff isn't worth its money, because it's all free downloadable here and all over the internet.

    The "Match Made In Space" cover is Brad's (Jedifyve) very old one and I think the "Cusco" fax is from Dietrich (I can recognize the line instead of the dot in the "Cusco" logo).

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