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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by richoli, Jan 16, 2012.

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    Hi All

    After a long time lurking! I feel I have to give something back!

    I have been wanting to do a build thread for ages but never got round to it as I usually never take build pics!

    So please go easy on me as this is my first build thread. :)

    I will probably need a little encouragement to finish this project as I am the typical start but never finish kind of guy! lots of plans and half finished props!!

    Well this time, I figured I do it differently and not make any plans! due to the fact I never get passed the planning stage!

    Anyway here goes!!

    Below is the train and delorean model that doc builds in 1885 to show marty his plans, I am gonna build both starting with the train.

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  2. richoli

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    Ok so moving on with the build,

    I have attached the image of the Train and delorean and where I am currently at in the build.

    I am using balsa wood as a means of mocking up this model then I will cast the parts in resin to build from and clean up!

    The revolver magazine I stole from a toy and have added a 2part epoxy filler to increase the size to match the one use on the original...
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    At the momemt this is very trial and error lol!

    As I skipped the blue print stage in order to make me build this!

    I am not to happy with the current height of the rear box and I am currently reducing this befor rendering this with clay to make it looke like the one used on the original with lines and ridges etc...

    The front of the train still needs work... Sanding and filling etc...

    And I have yet to build the rest!

    Also I forgot to mention that the wheels I got laser cut by a friend of mine! which saves me a job of cutting circles!!

    Any way back to the grind! More to come!

    Thanks for looking! Rich
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    Okay I absolutely love this. When I read the title I was kinda hoping it wood be doc's wooden models not a super realistic model of the actual train.

    Your early build photos look great so far. Extra credit for a really clever idea.
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  5. richoli

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    Thanks Leo!!

    I hope to have some more updates tonight!!

  6. Jedifyfe

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    That's great! Love to see this finished!
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  8. richoli

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    Thanks for the kind comments guys!

    Jedifife: I will definitely be finishing this one! lol

    Applefish: you sir are awesome! i knew it was some sort of pipe! but i did not know what they were called! many thanks!

    Updates coming soon...
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    What happened?

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