BTTF 1 Marty Costume - Did I get it right?


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Hey all,

Finally donned my entire Marty McFly costume from BTTF 1 and drove my DeLorean to a photo shoot as part of the official promotion for the Nike MAGs charity push. The link below will take you to the photo.

UPS Delivers the Future for Nike | upside Blog

The photo ran on the official UPS blog the day of the delivery (Friday). Aside from the vest being a bit too bright and lacking in the drop-back, I think I got everything else really close to rights. Unfortunately in the picture you can't see my shoes, which are the Nike Cortez '06s, the closest I could find to the Bruins.

Did I represent costuming and props well?
Hi Michael!

Your costume looks great, and that picture turned out really well. What was that UPS lady thinking about all of it? haha
When I was doing Marty Part 1 at Dragoncon, a lot of people commented on my JVC camera. Many said there was another guy who not only had the camera, but the AIWA tape player as well. I knew they were talking about you, so there you have it -- everyone was really impressed with your details.
Thanks guys. And for the record, the UPS driver and crew thought the whole thing was really cool...but it took them a few minutes to comprehend what we were all about! I am kinda bummed that my vest covered up my Aiwa. Should have worn it on the other side...oh well...
/Thumbs up now if only nike would hurry up and get them power laces up and running...until then I SHALL NOT TIE ANOTHER PAIR OF SHOES!! so I guess my nieces and Nephews are going to have to learn themselves
Costume looks great! I want a DeLorean SO bad!

I'm in the process of trying to buy one now. Beware of a lot of dealerships will list way above value. While it's a collectors car, you can get into a huge money pit depending upon how it has been stored and cared for. "garage kept" doesn't always meen good condition.
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