BSG Viper Pilot Helmet - Finished!


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Actually, I took about an 8 month break from it.

I had initially installed standard, yellow LEDs into it, but was disappointed with them. They weren't bright enough, so I installed Super Bright LEDs and re-wired them.

The LEDs had to be wired two at time in serial with a resistor. Those were then wired in parallel with the rest of the LEDs. A major pain, but they're as bright as can be. :)

I also added a second 9 volt battery. One 9 volt powers the top row of lights. The other powers the bottom row of lights. It was another attempt to brighten every thing up, but I don't know if it matters since the wiring is different.

Foam was added to the inside, top of the helmet. I probably added about 3" of foam to the forehead area. It was all I could do to keep the lights away from my face. The originals must have had a lot of padding in that area.

The light bars or covers were vacuum formed, clear plastic. In order to get the look of the originals, I sprayed the inside and outside with "frost" spray paint (Home Depot). Looking back, I realize that just sanding the plastic may have give it the same effect.

Day light:

At dusk:

At night:


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I'd have to scan a drawing for you.

I had to actually sit down and draw out a small diagram just to figure out how I was going to wire them up.

I believe I have now graduated from LED/electronics prop school at this point, though. :D

I've got to scan a drawing I made of the number of lights, so I'll scan my wiring diagram. I'll try and post it later this week. :)


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very cool.
mind sharing what color you used?
i'm having a hard time finding the right tan.


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It's from Testors. It's Model Master Afrika Dunkelgrau RAL7027 1942(F).

You can order it online at

or you can find it at your local hobby store.

I found my drawings for the eletronics and will post them next week.

In the mean time, here are the number of lights used:

Top: 13

Bottom: 16

There is about a 1" separation between each LED, with the exception of the corners. I based my drawing off Apollo's helmet seen in the pilot. Same deal with the colors.


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Very nice work with the lights. :thumbsup

Are you able to post some shots of the inside of the helmet? I'm curious to see how you installed the foam -- where, what kind, and how much.

Really great job. :)