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LOL.. Well i am a hardcore core BSG fan and i won't be selling anythng BSG because they are hard to find. Fellow BSG hardcore fans will hold onto their collectibles into the end time because simply they know its worth something to them and to fellow fans worth even more. Enjoy the hunt always fun to collect and obtain what you can. As the saying goes...The thrill of the hunt.... :)
I don't blame you, I have pieces that will never leave my collection! I've been very lucky with what I've found but I always want more....

May I ask what you've managed to find? Hopefully it's not a grail I've been after!


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Well, it took a little longer than expected, but here it is, 7,127 photos in total - sorry, they are not categorized in any way, shape, fashion or form other than the auction itself, within the batches.

There were four auctions, and the downloadable ZIP files are as follows (right click download):

The 26 Week Run:
1000 images @ 145MB:

1000 images @ 139MB:

1000 images @ 95MB:

974 images @ 89MB:

The 33 Auctions:
701 images @ 95MB:

704 images @ 111MB:

Main Auction I:
797 images @ 45MB:

Main Auction II:
951 images @ 60MB:

Let me know if you have any issues.


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Thanks for taking the time bobatrek!

It seems clicking on the links does not start download; copy/pasting link in new window works though.
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I'd still love to find out where this went and get some better pictures reference pictures. Or even a cast of the frame. Or even


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Hope no one minds me resurrecting this thread but I've just started a website specialising in Battlestar prop and costume collecting. I'd really appreciate any pictures anyone has of the live auctions I can put online. I've seen some pics on photobucket from the day and the fantastic displays Propworx made but I don't want to put up anything on the site I haven't been given permission or for and cannot give credit for.

Please drop me a pm.
Hello, Colin Meacham here. Ive got BSG stuff ! Reach back to me.

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