BSG, new series-card game


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O.k., I'm blanking on what this game was called. I seem to recall it was called "Pyramids"?

Anyway, are the designs of the cards used in the new series the same as those on the cards in the original series?

Would anyone happen to have clear screen grabs of the cards from the new series if it differs from the original series? I'm thinking I'd like to take a crack at re-creating the newer cards...unless they are already available, or too complex.

I'm thinking a set of cards, along with a few cubits and a cigar would make a lovely addition to those BSG blasters out there.


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It was Pyramid in the old series. In the new series it's "Full Colors" since Triad is now called Pyramid. The name change is due to a mix-up on RDM's part. However, the rules to Full Colors must be different since there were no "Full Colors" or "3 on the run" hands in the old series' Pyramid.

The only similarity to the design of the old cards is being hexagonal. Different backs and different faces.


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It's great to see some ideas for BSG prop replicas other than the side arms. I have seen card sets for the old series available, but nothing for the new. I'm still hunting around for a free software DVD player for my PC that will let me take screen captures. I may have to break down and buy one :p If I can get this set up I'll help with screen caps and image clean up.

Does anyone know of printing services that might be able to accomplish this once we have good art for the cards? We need the cards printed on some sturdy card-stock ad sealed/treated like "normal" playing cards.


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I know of several local printing facilities, but I don't know if they do playing card type finishes. I suppose they could be lamanated(sp?). There's also a few people here on the board who work for printing companies. Maybe one of them will chime in.

If you can get some images, I'll be happy to re-work them.