BSG EA Destroyer and Pre-EA Rag Tag


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Had some kits laying around and figured this would be a good, quick and fun project to throw together. This is a Studio Scale replica of the Eastern Alliance Destroyer from TOS BSG, and the "Pre-EA" Rag Tag ship seen in the opening credits of the show. The Destroyer went together very well, though there was more hacking on the F-15 kits than I had originally thought there would be. I still have a few minor greeblies to add, and a bit more weathering (oils), but this is far as I'm going for now. It's not 100% accurate on the greeblies, but it's pretty close. I didn't want to sweat over those little details or do any additional kit buys. Big THANKS to George Takacs (Timeslip Creations) for the SS Buck wings. They fit beautifully!
The "Pre-EA" Ragtag went together in just two days. It's ridiculously simple, and kinda cool to see how they took this original ship, and hacked it into the EA Destroyer. I still need to add the 1/76 Hanomag 250/10 and the tanks on the head of this, but other than that, it's just very basic.
Also put in a few shots of the EA Destroyer with the Galactica, BaseStar and Gemini/Colonial Movers.
Thanks for looking!


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Beautiful job on both Sean. I'm not sure which version I prefer...
I've been collecting parts for this (these) for a while now, but I'm not decided on which one to make.
Thanks for showing them off.


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Wow, Sean! Good to see you back at it again. It's been a long time. . .

BTW, I think you hold the record for FASTEST studio-scale builder of all time! And possibly also the most productive. Amazing! :)


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Wonderful work as always - the women want you, the men want to BE you.

Now, let's order a pizza by the pound and play spaceships!!


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Hey THANKS guys for the comments!! LOL Jason!! Charles, thank you! Rats, yeah, those bumps on the head are scratched. A tad undersized, but I didn't want to stress over them or wait to get the parts ID'd. But, true to form, they will probably be ID'd any day now!!
Thanks again, just finished the TOS BSG Shuttle, will try to get some pics up by this weekend.


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I love seeing those two ships side-by-side AND with the rest of your fleet. Exceptional craftsmanship all around!!

Regarding head bumps, I do believe that you need to add them to the Rag-Tag version too. Or, are you waiting for the parts to be identified?

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