BSG Blood & Chrome fx video

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    Frakking cool.
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    Very interesting to see what parts of the sets were done in 3D and what was physically on set. The hangar scenes make a lot of sense, lots going on there and it's a very big space, what surprised were the bridge sequences, I'm surprised that they chose to do so much of that set in post given how small the set was. Still, I think this video should surprise some CG critics as to how good good CG can be and show that sometimes you can't tell the difference between CG and practical.
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    The sets for the series were already struck when they did this, so that's why they needed so much greenscreen.

    I think they did a fabulous job; however, I don't like the slightly overblown/glowy effect they gave it during grading. Looks fake.
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    Man, I loved Blood and Chrome.
    It was everything I had hoped the BSG reboot would be:
    Battlestar Galactica, gorrammit!, not Falcon Crest in space...

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