BSG- Blood and Chrome - frakking A


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Dude... I think my mind got frakked by awesomeness!

no air date?!

What the FRAK?!

Last time I heard, SyFy started this off as a web series, then it was reported to become a TV movie, and then it was reported that SyFy changed their minds again and turned it back into a web series. So, yeah, no air date.


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old style raiders!

this time the cylons look scary!

not pulling punches

retro base stars!

Egyptian helmets are back

spaz? whatever at least real gun sounds and not that pew pew pew!


giger on planet zero?



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zomg zomg zomg!
I just soiled myself, like a lot.
Really digging those helmets too!
Cylons look badass, Basestars look badass.

I gotta go to the bathroom real quick.


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Nice to see this got out. As of this weekend, only a precious few people had this seen this video file. Wonder who leaked it after Wondercon... Richard Hatch? Kevin Grazier? .... hmmm.


Kerr Avon

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But I want more about the politics of the planet Caprica, with poorly executed Mafiaso with gay characters because it's important to show gay people can be Mafia too, and then throw in a video game that has nothing to do with the actual reality of the world or Cylons, and then throw in a dash of a little theological discussion.

THAT'S the Battlestar Galactica prequel I want to see!!!!!

Nah, that'd suck.

This looks good though.

Kerr Avon

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dont think the holobands are out, there in blood and chrome too :)
Must have missed them. Unless you mean the scene where it looked like a Viper was being digitally constructed/deconstructed around a pilot? Hell, I can accept it being used to train pilots, I'm not going to waste my time watching a guy play a game where he tries to siphon fake money in a virtual environment though.


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O i completely agree, using them as training for pilots and whatnot is exactly what they should be used for, whole crappy new cap city stuff was ridiculous!


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The opening shot just looked bad. Looked liked a cardboard cut out of the side of a viper blended into the scene. The rest looked great.

That basestar looks like the combined the original TV basestar and the newer ones. It had the three extentions from the newer ones coming out of the original. Kinda cool looking.

Lots of cool looking ships in there too. (Battlestars?)

I saw some kind of giant monsters jaw towards the end of the trailer too.
Not sure what that was?

This looks great.