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So I put in my order MoM last Oct. Every time I contact Lewis he tells me that they will be shipping by this x date and then that date passes and he states they're coming at x date. This been going on for months. Is he always facing delays? I have to admit that I'm getting worried as I also ordered a V2 last year and wondering if I'll ever get my products delivered. I don't want to request a refund but it's beginning to cross my mind.


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Im curious if Lewis has gone through the link that you posted here for missing items. It was for the helper and reveal boards but also said to list missing items in notes. I'm missing a lot. And there was no " notes" in the link. And there has been no reply as of yet for filling out the link.
Last thing I heard was that Lewis was preparing for a big update, which will hopefully improve things a lot.

On another note, I recently asked about updates in the Veracity Labs V2 thread, and I've yet to receive a response. The run was said to be done by Spring 2022 and we're already in July. There has been no update at all for their Leia hilt. And there are more and more people having issues with either 7Chambers or Veracity Labs, and swearing never to buy from them anymore. It's getting that bad...

It's becoming more concerning as time passes. I didn't want to think about it, but I'm starting to wonder about the future of these two companies. The lack of updates and concrete schedules isn't great at all. It's a lot easier to be patient when you're taken along with the process through regular updates.
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