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Browning .303 Mk II: booster nut/muzzle choke

Sold for 525.00 USD
Original Browning .303 muzzle choke for your real parts Obi-Wan saber or display.

Previously purchased by itself, this muzzle choke did not come with my personal Browning .303 booster. In my case, the two particular pieces do not easily thread together by hand (and I didn’t force the issue), so the threads on this muzzle choke could stand some cleaning and greasing.

I’m happy to send more photos to any serious inquiries.

Price includes CONUS shipping. International buyers, please contact me for a shipping charge.

Thank you and MTFBWY.

76B797E7-26B2-4348-86B5-DB31D2FD4A1C.jpeg 6D2689FF-986F-475B-95A5-82545C10C195.jpeg BDFA2405-78F0-487F-8F6E-736DAC06F6B8.jpeg 11148658-4B03-4E33-84A8-BA4E36F0FB1A.jpeg B53BF007-8989-4C74-BD73-213A0E3DC744.jpeg 98E2E7A4-6531-4CE9-8855-E8321956820E.jpeg 1CA2E012-7827-4AD8-B107-52AEFC7B00C9.jpeg 2102FD7E-B41B-43CF-87E3-3508778D6B8C.jpeg


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Nice Chris! I have a spare one of those. I hadn’t a clue what it would sell for I just kept it in case I ever found a booster with no bearing.

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