Brokeback mountain


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This is my first thread, so I apologize for any mistake.

I really love brokeback mountain, and I think there are a few thing that can be made into paper props.

I will leave here some screencaps (source)

Brokeback-Mountain-0782.jpg Brokeback-Mountain-0783.jpg Brokeback-Mountain-0786.jpg Brokeback-Mountain-0787.jpg Brokeback-Mountain-0958.jpg Brokeback-Mountain-0960.jpg Brokeback-Mountain-1316.jpg Brokeback-Mountain-1438.jpg


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I have worked with this two pictures to recreate the postcard from the end

the quality is not the best, if someone could give some advice on how to improve it, I will be happy to listen

Brokeback-Mountain-1438.jpg v3KuyAiSG_1201140117.jpg final.jpg


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one of the "Magicains" on here might be able to clean that up for you a little and maybe even make it crisper

oh and welcome to the forum
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