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    Just in case anyone is curious, I took a chance and ordered this Rocketeer jacket from the link below:

    I just received it, but will be returning it for a refund. It's advertised as leather, but is definitely synthetic. I think there are a couple small bits that are made of leather (backing of brand patch, etc), but predominantly the jacket is not real leather. The color is tan, but a bit more yellowish than shown on their website. Also the buttons were plastic, and appeared to have been glued on, in addition to being threaded (for some reason). It did fit me quite well though.

    So in case there was anyone thinking of picking this jacket up, I think it works quite well as a costume piece, but not as a nice, wearable jacket. Also I believe their price (about $200) is too steep for a costume jacket.

    I really want a nice, screen-accurate Rocketeer jacket, so I may be going for the Magnoli one instead. Definitely seems to be the best one available, despite the steeper price.
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    i recommend checking out this old thread i made a few years ago...some very useful info on both pages
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